Do you feel the call for something new? Or are you at the forefront of something new, and are you looking for a reliable guide? Do you want to bring more awareness into your business, but you don’t know how? Then you have now found the key …

We often have to dive deep to find our pearls

Often in our early childhood we develop beautiful qualities from our purest part, our Christ child. This in order to feel safe. These gifts then often become tools with which we can later help others. But to polish these crystals, we often have to go into the depths and touch that primordial pain again.

In this phase of bringing yourself into the world, lies my quality. Together we travel in time and space to that original wound, we create a sacred space that makes it possible to bring more of your strength to this moment. While being present in this process, more clarity, text and sometimes business models arise. We welcome your “signature”, your unique blueprint, translated into your mission on earth …

All collaborations start from a state of alignment. Within a sacred space, that I create and maintain, we walk together through all the steps towards the full embodiment of a New Earth manifestation. Nothing remains untouched in this multidimensional guidance. We create flow in areas of life where the energy is stuck.

The support that I offer is aligned and reliable. And is beyond this time, space, world and physical dimension. We attune to your deep desire, your soul mission, align this with the higher plan so that it can be re-connected to the magical web of life, that runs through all of us.

From the deep ,
Jan Pieter Schreur


Visionair & Life Artist
Spaceholder for sacred Transitions
Architect for New Earth Manifestations
Consultant, Coach & Business Alchemist

My greatest strength lies in witnessing and being present in your greatest transformation.
When all the familiar falls away, you are pulled towards a new destination.  
When you see no light at the end of the tunnel, I am here to guide you out of the swamp,
so that you can proceed the sacred path of your soul.

Effect of the Service

Living your unique color and signature of your being in the world!

Creating a vehicle for your being to move through the matter!

Anchoring and activating your unique divine blueprint!

Shaping your life in all aspects as a true artist!

Deep transformation in a variety of themes and areas of life

Cleaning up your sacred space to create peace and space

Developing customized structures, products and services

Expanding to the next level with your life & business

Integrate higher bodies and multidimensional awareness

Bringing your Legacy to earth, and gilding it for the future

Increasing capacity, senses, energetic fields and awareness

Deep balance in your intimate relationship, work and family­

Attract new customers, income and unprecedented opportunities

Clarity of life path, soul mission, cosmic structures and undercurrents

My main focus is guiding New Earth;

relations, life-syles, business, partnerships, co-creations,

 leaders, organizations, multinationals, foundations, movements & eco-systems

The blueprint, also called the Akasha chronicles

The layer of the blueprint is a space where the energetic architecture of a creation exists. This is where it determines how something grows and flourishes, how the energy flows into matter. The Divine blueprint is the potential for something to form. But in the encounter with earthly facets such as the environment, personal or collective blockages, a creation can already die before grounding.

Every business and organization has a blueprint. It is the energetic structure in which all services, workflows, relationships have a place. But also, old distorted unresolved problems and blockages from previous creations, ancestors, past lives and so on are visible here, and exert influence on how the creation enters the world.

Every creation that arise from a pure and collective desire sooner or later becomes self-supporting. With the right focus and support it becomes independent from the founder or collective who brought it on earth. It lives his own life, and destiny.

By offering alignment, space-holding, healing and cleansing, we make direct adjustments in this field and major steps can be taken. By diving into the deep subconsciousness, we can prevent mistakes to happen, and learn how our energy is used in its most effective way. We surf on the collective waves…

Are you ready for that next step in your life?