Business coaching for the new earth leader

Do you want to activate the soul in your business?

IDo you feel the desire for an organic flow, in which business and work coincide with passion and pleasure? Do you want to develop a unique blueprint for your company and/or team? Request a meeting and we will explore the possibilities together..

From dream to blueprint

Are you still in touch with your dream?

As an entrepreneur you often start with a dream, a desire for a different reality, a passion to bring something beautiful to earth. But we sometimes lose that feeling once we start focus on the market. With the blueprint activation we will reconnect with that dream, so that your company can get back into flow with your desire. And we make the dream compatible with your target group.

For who?

Entrepreneurs who get stuck,
not experiencing an overview but chaos

Entrepreneurs who are ready for
a new challenge, next level

For conscious open-minded leaders
who are willing to lead the way

Companies that get stuck and
want to develop a new product

Companies that want to move with you
with the innovation that is now needed

Companies that want to contribute to the
society and a better world

You, as the new earth leader,

who will answer to the sacred calling,
to express your divine being on earth

Your blueprint for the new earth

How does a blueprint arise

An divine business blueprint is a vehicle that allows your soul to move in the world. A container from which you can generate income, and at the same time feel fulfilled and inspired. It starts with developing an energetic design, a reality that we bring to life together.

The route map to your destination

– what are all the elements in the playing field that influence your creation?
– where are power sources, blind spots en saboteurs?
– what is the wright volgorde, timing en benodigde contractering?

A sacred space for your creation

– different elements are attracted or repelled
distinction in what is and what is not, so that clarity is created for intuition
– firmly anchorpersonal values as laws & energetic statements
– a sterile space in which it becomes clear where core problems have arisen
cleaning the house, both personally and professionally, internally and externally

Welcome your unique signature

– diving up the pearls, revealing your unique qualities
– clarify what your deepest dream, desire and primal pain is
-find words and form for what is so essential to you
– embark on your sacred mission, which is what you are here for

Autonomous and independent movement

introduce order, so that a natural movement can arise
transfer of toolsfor inner leadership
– make the creation viable and sustainable
– chack is you can work independently with the blueprint
– can you hear his voice, can you let it grow?

Business coaching for the New Earth

Blueprint for your mission

Everything on Earth starts with a desire. And any dream can become a reality with the right attention. By designing an energetic blueprint together, you streamline how the energy will move into matter. By neutralizing blockages in a early stage, and connecting the blueprint to the flow of life, the seed we plant together becomes a reality.


What do they say?

Nieuwetijds lichtcentrum - Nicole Broers

I now follow the program of Aereon Creations together with Jan Pieter Schreur and it has already brought me a lot. I create and manifest from my feminine energy, so from within and I still need the masculine energy, such as structure, boundaries and overview. We are now setting up the organization in a different way, with the right people in the right place and all this in accordance with the energetic blueprint of the center, mine and the other. And we also look, I work on the pieces/blockades that still affect me in order to really manifest the organization. This goes on a very deep level, my own pieces, pieces that I wear for my parents, past lives, collective and other dimensions.

In one word, WOW

In short, happy and grateful for Jan Pieter’s blueprint.

Gaianet - Daan Gorter

We are busy with a beautiful dream, building a new earth, which many people came to. And Jan Pieter helped with the correct positioning of the people by making the organization blueprint.

I now have an image that I can show that makes it very clear at a glance; what we’re doing, how big and complex it is, and at the same time the simplicity of when people find the right place.

It provides peace, support and clarity, the entire playing field is clear and above all, people feel that by showing the blueprint a lot happens energetically, goosebumps, emotion etc.

I recommend this to all conscious leaders and entrepreneurs, who are open to a more multi-dimensional view of the business and organization.”

Frederieke van der Leij

Together with Jan Pieter I did several sessions to clarify what my original mission is and how it is expressed in Ancient Wisdom – New Consciousness. Where there were still stumbling blocks and where they arose.

With the help of the Business Blueprint we were able to find the right balance. The follow-up activities that I have been developing since then I can carry out with much more peace of mind. Choices are made easier and I have found a more solid ground in my own role. It has been of great support at a stage where I wanted to make some important steps. Since then, the process has gone smoothly. And it supports me in the direction I’m working towards for the future.

What particularly appeals to me is that I did not work with the umpteenth methodology, but that the information came from myself. I saw the interrelationships between what is my drive within me and what I express with Old Wisdom – New Consciousness. It belongs to me, it exudes who I am, beyond an existing concept or format.

Mapije de Wit

“Jan Pieter has brought me a lot of clarity in finding my strength and my place. Where there was chaos and ambiguity, he was able to bring overview and transformation through his energetic clairvoyance. In addition, he has an incredibly soft power that gives a lot of ground to being able to face and embrace dark parts. He brings a gentle transformation of the ego and a clarity of the soul.”

Be Welcome

As a guide I am present, at your sacred transition