In order to get as broad a picture as possible of our society, this life I chose to taste from different facets and to experience the depth of it.  I deliberately chose no lengthy studies and abandoned all the learned to find my own path in this. By trial and error, I came closer and closer to myself, my dream and my deep desire, but also my core wound. The story of many lives revealed itself once again.

The tide began to turn when I retreated from the energy company where I worked, to immerse myself in natural knowledge and Eastern wisdom. Deep inside I felt a deep call to bring these forgotten pearls back into society. So that we can understand the invisible layers of what is missing, and practically apply it in our daily activities. Who where we, what was our Western indigenous origin?

Slowly I was reminded of the original dream, my purpose for being on the earth, before I fell into illusion. I remembered image of a world in which we live together in harmony with each other and in accordance with the Divine and the Laws of nature. And now I fully dedicate myself in helping to implement this on an individual, collective, organizational and global level on earth.

With a sharp vision I see rusty fixed paradigms, and create a sacred space to let go of what is blocking the flow. When the internal storm becomes less intense and there is room for solutions, I offer tailor-made organic structures from aligned cosmic frameworks. And bring persons, creations and collective fields in alignment with the web of life, so that there is a strong foundation for the future.

My intention is to bring the sacredness that I feel in ancient civilizations back in this contemporary society. I found my own roots deeply hidden in my women’s line, a forgotten shamanic line from South America. After this rediscovery I started to heal myself and came slowly in contact with the ancient ancestors of my men’s line, a tribe of wizards, keepers of the ground where I live now. This indigenous tribe are the Frisians, and stand on the base of western culture.  They give a quiet bedding to the whole.


Author of the ‘Handboek Nieuwe Aarde’ (Guide book for the New Earth)

Lead facilitator ‘Wheel of Life’ annual shamanic programs (tool for ascension)

Transformative business coach at ‘Rainbow sessions’ (school for ascension)

General Manager at the ‘School of Ascension’ (collective from and for masters)

Contact point ‘Raadsvuur’ (collective of indigenous councils in the Netherlands)

Representative of the Frisian primordial tribe’ (we are indigenous movement)

Founder & chairman ‘Stichting de Nieuwe Aarde’ (chain of New Earth communities)

Architect & manifester ‘Business Alchemy’ (next level of business guidance)

Game developer of ‘het Elfenspel’ (constellations game with naturbeings)

Co-founder ‘Bezield geld Movement’ (buildingstones for the New Earth)

Yours sincerely,

Aeréon / Jan Pieter Schreur

+ 31 (0) 645288727

Architect of sustainable & aligned blueprints, Author, Life Artist, Manifestation Coach, Transition Guide, Visionair, Frisian Shaman & Business Alchemist