My journey



Initiated in Indian
form of Reiki

Tzolkin calender

Basics in Mayan calendar,
cosmic wisdoms


Initiated by the Q’eros
as keeper of the earth

Systemic work

Extensive experience in family, tribe and energetic constalations

Business coach, Consultant, Earthkeeper, Blueprint Designer & Organization Alchemist

Jan Pieter Schreur

My strength lies in continuously mapping the transformation process. By depth work, we welcome elements that have remained in the past. We open your primal pain and with it your signature. This makes your place visible as a whole and you can start your task. When everything around you seems to fall apart, I am the eye of the storm, the calm, the anchor and overview, and I offer concrete structures and blueprints that function as a compass and road map, resulting in autonomy and self-support. In service to the true course, what is no longer needed falls away, and a clear space is created for inspiration and fulfillment.

Inspired by
Indigenous Civilizations

I wish to bring back the sacredness I feel in ancient civilizations and indigenous cultures in this contemporary society. Our challenge is to apply ancient wisdom in the western world. After rediscovering wisdom from various ancient tribes, such as the Mayans, Incas, Germans and Alifuru, I came into contact with the ancient ancestors of the land where I now live, the indigenious people the Frisians. They give a silent bed to the whole, to which I am subservient.

My story

In this life I chose to taste different facets and experience the depth of them, in order to get the broadest possible picture of our society. I deliberately did not choose long studies and let go of everything I had learned to find my own path in this. Through trial and error I came closer and closer to myself, my dream, desire, but also my primal pain.

The tide started to turn when I retired from the energy company where I worked to immerse myself in ancient knowledge and Eastern wisdom. Deep down I felt a call to bring these forgotten pearls back into society. So that we can understand what is missing, the invisible layer, and apply it practically in our daily activities.

I answered an age-old cry, to the mountains of Peru. There I came into contact with the original inhabitants of the country, the Qeros. They have taken me under their wings and initiated me into one of the oldest forms of Shamanism. Since then I have been guided, and have chosen to be of service to Mother Earth, and the process she is in. Slowly I was reminded of the dream with which I came to earth. An image of a world in which we live together in harmony with each other and in accordance with the divine and the laws of nature. And I put myself at the service of helping to implement this on an individual, collective, organizational and global governance level on Earth.

After a period of service as a shaman and healer in both the private sector and the collective field, I began to feel a call to the corporate world again. This time from my new view and perception. And I’m in a partnership with four brothers in Aquarius Business.

Deeply feeling that in the coming period, major shifts will take place in society. We have to join all our powers, and connect the to our company or organization. That’s why I’m fully focusing on leaders, influencers, self-employed, visionaries, and other creatives who want to connect their soul to their work and creations. New Earth leaders who want to make an impact and serve a higher mission.


What they say

Mapije - Visual Artist

“I still don’t know how you do it, but you do it right.”

Jantine Coehoorn - Own your Flow

“The space holding, the presence and the enormous growth. The field you create is SO big and tangible. Thank you for that.”

Hidde Ātman Ananda Jwi Zuwun

“You help me make sense of the multi-dimensional field, how that works. It’s so powerful, it makes you understand better how you relate to yourself, people and the land.”

Be Welcome

Are you ready for the big crossing?