For new-time organizations


Business constellation

Making the undercurrent and the potential of an organization or team visible, tangible and palpable.

MD Maintenance service

Multidimensional maintenance to keep the engine of your organization running smoothly.

MD Maintenance package

A session every quarter focused on; integration, transformation and multidimensional alignment.

Business coaching for the New Earth

Business constellation

Every organization is the meeting of many layers. The upper world, the greater plan behind the creation. But all experiences of the past, missed opportunities, conflicts are also nestled in the subconscious. In addition to the beautiful experiences that have been materialized into opportunities and qualities, they form the culture. This is how the energy flows and determines what attracts you, what succeeds and what does not.

A company constellation brings out the subconscious, shows what happens in the energy. The undercurrent is, as it were, mega magnified, so that themes between team members become clearly visible. But it goes even further than that. Because the origins of blockages are mapped in a safe, judgment-free space, deep healing on core themes is created. This intense cleanup and transformation ensures that all puzzle pieces and building blocks are collected so that the next phase can be initiated. That which wants to happen reveals itself…

Possible questions


* alignment with the founder’s dream

* clarify understream in team

* cleaning up friction between team members

* healing on recurring company themes

* transformation on entanglements, blocks and sabotage

Consequence of an constalation


* that which stagnated the energy becomes visible

* the next step of development becomes clear

* clean connection between team members and management

* a direct change in how the energy wants to flow

* everyone stands firmly in his or her own place


cleaning blueprint

How does it work?

We will schedule a no-obligation conversation together
In this first acquaintance we work on a safe basis, in which we can feel that something magical wants to happen. We will try to capture the essence of the question. The basis for the business constellation.

Receive a no-obligation proposal
From the first meeting, the contours of the company set-up or multidimensional maintenance service have often already become apparent. I will elaborate this into a clear proposal.

The business constellation
The day of the constellation I come with 1 or 2 representatives. There is room for the presence of your own team. We do:
* a introduction,
* a guided meditation,
* an constellation from the wisdom of the field,
* an constellation focused on customer demand.

After about 3/4 weeks there is an integration moment.
A reflection of the day, with a clear step-by-step plan for the future.

Extra: Multidimensional Maintenance Package
Just like with a car or hosting company, after a setup it can be jointly decided to activate a maintenance package.

For new earth organization

Multidimensional maintenance package

A new earth organization has to deal with complex multi-layered issues. Because these organizations, their founders, managers and team members have a conscious presence at multiple layers, we work with a sacred space model that maps the different dimensions. We connect to the divine blueprint of the organization, read into the energy what is needed now, and bring healing and transformation to blocks that create obstacles.

With whom?

Partners & co-creators

In samenwerking met Pegasus Consultancy
Werken in de nieuwe aarde betekent gelijkwaardig samenwerken. After a long journey with like-minded people, a team of consultants has remained. They can step in gradually as supervisor and representative.

Reinier Maarschall

Reinier Maarschall

From leadership qualities as well as a solid background in IT, I can help the organization to build a solid technology strategy that meets both the current organizational needs and paves the way for continued success and productivity in the future.

Be Welcome

Making the blueprint visible