Leaders, teams and organizations face new challenges. The increasing pressure from the market and the influence of technological acceleration, demands more from us than ever. How can you stay in your center as a person and in contact with your course and destination?

Organizations are a reflection of the world we live in today, and show how we have been disconnected in many cases. There is an increasing distance between leaders and teams, vision and implementation but also between our human being and our soul mission, and departments themselves.

What is needed now to regain a cooperative whole, a feeling of unity within the organization? Which essential components have been lost, and forgotten? And most importantly, what key do you wear as a person to take your organization to the next level?

Business Alchemy brings movement to the organization with minimal effort at core locations. By aligning the vision and mission with the desires and needs, the energy goes in the same direction, and you create a ripple from the core to the outside. This is what we call, the Pebble effect.

Aéreon Creations in cooperation with:

Jan Pieter Schreur

Consultant, Architect & Business Alchemist
Facilitating a solid foundation for future-proof innovations

My strength and specialty lies in constantly mapping out the transformation process, and implementing the changes step by step. Through consultancy and alchemy, we highlight time and time again what you, as a leader or as a team, need to strengthen the base. I gradually enrich the smallest possible steps, which have a huge impact. All these steps are anchored in line with the set goal, which ensures stability, so that concrete things and creations can land during the journey.


or conscious and inspired organizations that want to bring the highest potential of the company into the world with a passionate desire.

To become a sustainable meaning for society based on alignment with the ultimate blueprint of the organization.

For leaders with a willingness to let go of old paradigms. And have the power to implement this throughout the organization.

In order to restore the natural order and coherence so that the transformation continues to live in a self-generating way.

We will not lose sight of healthy business, management and profitability with both feet on the ground. Do you feel a deep calling?