At first I thought that everything I created came from me being, but more and more I am learning that I am a channel for collective desires. And that I bring a blueprint through form, guidance, process work for a person or group on earth.

Every creation that is made up of natural laws has the potential to become self-supporting and sustainable. Under the right circumstances and with the right attention, a creation can come loose from the founder, and live their own life.

To give you insight into what such a creation can look like, I have created this page with a brief explanation. They are often healing tools that independently collect more and more awareness by working with external and internal support fields.

They often act on the subconscious layers, and continue to develop further with the original vision as base. If you open for them, they can provide growth, expansion, healing, increasing awareness or insight. Or contribute to other goals for which they are made.

Below are creations that came to earth trough me as a portal. Some in equivalent collaborations with others and with others I was the translator for a group or collective.

 Handboek for the New Earth

This book is a spiritual tool that guides you at your own pace through the lessons and pitfalls of this exciting time of transition. You literally travel with it through time and space and you go through all phases of consciousness of our collective soul.

I, the author Jan Pieter Schreur have lived through the steps in four years, and the answers to my experiences are interwoven like a blueprint in the texts, which touch deeper layers in rhythmic, almost poetic form. The magic that I experienced in writing, the connection that arose with unity and the world of guides, carries the book as a key.

The words will merge with your reality and a collaboration will be created with your Higher Self and guides, the book and your reality. In this way you can transcend the contradiction of duality. It inspires, delivers and continues where other paths stop.

School for Ascension

In this exciting time of transformation and completion, many will rise and claim mastery over their own lives. The School of Ascension aims to provide these” new earth “people with tools so that they can discover their personal signature and Are you willing to walk your sacred path? Do you want to restore the connection with your being and then share your qualities with your environment? Then you have now found the key … “

Wheel of Life – the Unity Key

This is the engine of the School for Ascension, the Annual Program. A four-year course in which you travel through a different wind direction every year. The Wheel of Life is a true “New Earth” tool that will benefit you throughout your entire life. It outlines your growth, making every shift visible and measurable. Time and time again we do a new round and higher and deeper layers of your being become visible. You can also just let the wheel spin and then the steps to inner union will follow automatically. It is a balance between path of the moon and path of the sun.

Fire counsel – network of Dutch indigenous counsels

The purpose of Raadsvuur is to restore the original networks of elders, so that primal wisdom is given a respected place in society again.

From a natural reordering we are invited to take our rightful place. So that we consciously and transparently work together from our own strength.

Everything that arises organically from here is in accordance with the cosmic order and maintains itself, creating a foundation for the New Earth.

The Elfgame – Oracle from the magical realms

In our journey to adulthood, many lose the connection with nature beings, a connection that is so normal and valuable for children. The elf game brings you back in touch in a playful way. You will regain access to the wisdom, powers and magic that nature beings like to share with us.

You can use the elf game on your own or with a group as insight cards and you can use it for a energetic constellation. Deep patterns are uncovered and the natural beings and elements from the magical realm playfully support this process.

And in addition to a game, there is also a course series with 3 initiations to independently learn to become a supervisor of the Elf game. See the agenda on the website for more info.

Enlighted Money Movement

What if we give money a new place in our lives. That we go from survival to live in trust and joy. That we acknowledge the value of each other’s deepest core skills, and validate them with a pure exchanges, so as to leave a healthy world behind for our children.

Are you participating in this movement?

Life is Art

The movement has its own unique blueprints on every level, often made up of the five elements; water, earth, air, fire and ether. I will not share them all, but alongside one that currently lives the most with.

The New Earth foundation

The New Earth Foundation creates space from which you can flourish. We teach people to work together from the core, in order to contribute to the bigger picture. This allows us to create sustainable manifestations and aligned communities.

Values: Sovereignty, Being in highest light, Value creation, Manifestation from your core,

Below a number of creations in which I was allowed to play a supporting role in getting a blueprint, website, service or product to land on earth.

Jacob Geense – Welcoming you into the World

Jacob Geense, for welcoming new earth leaders & organizations. Based on alignment and presence, we create a space in which your most refined being can land. Together we go through all the initiations that are needed to welcome the gift that you came to earth with. In embodying your vision, your destiny opens.

Below are some creations that had to let go, but have helped me get to where I am today. You can only create if you can also destroy.

Tzolkin Portal – Daily channelings from the mayan calender

Where it all started. Tzolkin Portal, a channel that translated cosmic messages into practical life lessons. On Facebook I started a page that eventually had 2500 followers, internationally. From here I learned to give workshops and readings, and started my company, which transformed from School for Ascension & Aeréon – Creations.

The online shaman

The online shaman, who doesn’t know him? Making vlogs in nature with a camera about current affairs, and in between being distracted by power animals and then giving them meaning. Here I learned to become visible, and no longer to hide behind beautiful messages, but to channel real-life messages.