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Grid van Nieuwe aarde creaties

Projects, Creations & Collaborations

All the accompaniments I offer will sooner or later translate into creations that are magically connected to each other. We build the New Earth together, and Aereon Creations is connected to the grid, the total blueprint. Below are a number of current and completed creations that are all connected to each other.

Actual projects


The 5thQuest is a leadership game & organization tool, it is the path of the hero/heroine, who moves through all obstacles to become an independent conscious leader. And from there brings his or her sacred mission into the world.

Unwritten History

Together with Frederieke van der Leij, I developed Unwritten History, a compilation of interviews, meditations and background information about the hidden history of the Netherlands. In this first part we dive into the story of Frisia. We expect to welcome multiple tribes and peoples to this magical adventure.

School van Ascensie

The School of Ascension is committed to welcoming consciousness from the higher dimensions through annual programs, sessions, workshops and blogs. A place of and for masters. A sacred temple in which you can walk your initiation path.


Oeria is the memory and realization of inspired life, in connection with each other and nature. Our mission is to manage land or an estate, in which we can let the voice of nature speak. In which we can build a solid foundation, both in the community and mutual relationships, as well as the work and living environment that a location wants to develop.

Books & Games

Het Elfenspel

In our journey into adulthood, many lose the connection with the natural beings, a connection that is so normal and valuable to children. The Elven Game offers access to the wisdom, powers and magic that the nature beings like to share with us. You can use the elf game alone or with a group as insight cards and you can use it in a system setup. Deep patterns are revealed and the natural beings and elements from the magical realm playfully support this process.

Handbook for the New Earth

This book is a spiritual guide that walks you through the lessons and pitfalls of this exciting time of transition at your own pace. The book contains wisdom from ancient cultures and lost civilizations and uses an energy structure of the Tzolkin. Message directly to the soul. (cover zelf ontworpen)

Connected in Light and Love

‘I think if I die, I’ll go to heaven’ was the rock-solid confidence my 17-year-old daughter Anne Marel had when she was told she would die in two years from the effects of a brain tumor. A search for the deceased daughter of Nicole Broers, a search for herself.

For Nicole Broers, in addition to supervising her Nieuwetijdscentrum Lichtkind Lichtvlinder, I was allowed to design the cover for her personal and moving book.

Developed with
and for customers

Blueprint for gaia

For Gaianet I developed the organizational blueprint from Bezield Geld. A complex model with the potential to be a holder for all projects and teams. The energetic structure in which the creation flows and moves.


Beppe’s products are traditionally produced according to authentic recipes, which have been used for generations. These recipes are mostly obtained through our Beppe’s and Pake’s (grandmothers and grandfathers the Frisian way) and are invaluable for our Frisian heritage. Blueprint welcomes and initial stages developed together with the founder.


Completed Creations

Wheel of Life

With a lot of care, love and dedication we have guided people through all layers of the Wheel of Life for the past 7 years. A multidimensional tool, which welcomes the being on earth based on shamanism and cosmic wisdom. May be continued in an online version.

Bezield Geld

With Jacob Geense we have welcomed the principles surrounding inspired money, correct value exchanges. This concept provided building blocks for the new earth, and is the basis of the current Aquarius Business concept. For this movement I was the architect, and I worked out and shaped the 13 different levels.

Council Fire – Network of Indigenous Councils

Council fire aimed to restore the original networks of sages with capacity, so that primordial wisdom regained a respected place in society. From a natural reordering we are invited to take our rightful place. From 2016 to 2020, this co-creation was able to clear many collective fields in the background, and opened the ancestral field. In this co-creation I was the founder, vocaliser and process facilitator, until it wanted to be released and move on in silence under its own power.

The online shaman, who doesn’t know him? Making vlogs about current affairs with a camera, and in between being distracted by power animals and then giving them meaning. Here I learned to become visible, and no longer hide behind concepts, but visibly channel live messages.

Where it all started. Tzolkin Portal, a channel that translated cosmic messages into actual life lessons. On Facebook I started a page that eventually had 2500 followers, internationally. From here I started giving workshops and readings. I started my business, and I wrote my first book, the Handbook.


Be Welcome

Change in your life comes from within.