For new earth leaders


Conscious entrepreneurs

Cleaning up, bringing clear images and words to your service

New Earth Leaders

Focusing on the mission, witnessing the start of a sacred ‘movement’

New Earth Organizations

Develop a blueprint with clear roles, places and tasks

Business coaching for the New Earth

Guidance for you as an entrepreneur

When old structures and working methods are no longer fulfilling. You get stuck in an old system, feel a call to something new, but don’t yet have a clear idea of what will take its place? Offers Aeréon Blueprint Creations a clear path to your destination.

By focusing on your dream, we embark on a journey in which you create the conditions for your deepest gifts to come to life. We are designing not just a new Earth business model, but a reality in which your innermost being can enter the world. So you can finally start, what you came here for

Bandwidth for Transformation


There are different forms of collaboration. With a blueprint activation, we begin to connect to the original blueprint, the creation in an undistorted state. From here we neutralize blockages, so that creation can come to earth as pure as possible. A container is created in which your soul can move in the world.

How does it work?

We will schedule a no-obligation conversation together
In this first acquaintance, people and mission are central We are working on a safe base, in which we can feel that something magical is about to happen. We will try to capture the core of the desire.

Receive a no-obligation proposal
The contours of the collaboration have often already become apparent from the first meeting. The mission, obstacles, blind spots, shadows, and the desired result. I elaborate this in a clear proposal with expected duration and investment.

Start of the trajectory
When all the lights are green, we start the journey. At that moment a sacred space is created around the collaboration, although movement will arise on many layers. The sessions bring clarity to the processes that are in motion every time.



Benefits of your blueprint

We all come to Earth with a unique wiring and mission. But it is not always compatible with the current system and the market. In some cases we forget our essence, that which gives us meaning. Or we lose touch with reality. A custom made blueprint brings the dream and reality together. This is done through process work, coaching, niche and blueprint development


What do they say?

I now follow the program of Aereon Creations together with Jan Pieter Schreur and it has already brought me a lot. I create and manifest from my feminine energy, so from within and I still need the masculine energy, such as structure, boundaries and overview. We are now setting up the organization in a different way, with the right people in the right place and all this in accordance with the energetic blueprint of the center, mine and the other. And we also look, I work on the pieces/blockades that still affect me in order to really manifest the organization. This goes on a very deep level, my own pieces, pieces that I wear for my parents, past lives, collective and other dimensions.

In one word, WOW

In short, happy and grateful for Jan Pieter’s blueprint.

Nicole Broers

Nieuwe tijds lichtcentrum

We are busy with a beautiful dream, building a new earth, which many people came to. And Jan Pieter helped with the correct positioning of the people by making the organization blueprint.

I now have an image that I can show that makes it very clear at a glance; what we’re doing, how big and complex it is, and at the same time the simplicity of when people find the right place.

It provides peace, support and clarity, the entire playing field is clear and above all, people feel that by showing the blueprint a lot happens energetically, goosebumps, emotion etc.

I recommend this to all conscious leaders and entrepreneurs, who are open to a more multi-dimensional view of the business and organization.”

Daan Gorter


Together with Jan Pieter I did several sessions to clarify what my original mission is and how it is expressed in Ancient Wisdom – New Consciousness. Where there were still stumbling blocks and where they arose.

With the help of the Business Blueprint we were able to find the right balance. The follow-up activities that I have been developing since then I can carry out with much more peace of mind. Choices are made easier and I have found a more solid ground in my own role. It has been of great support at a stage where I wanted to make some important steps. Since then, the process has gone smoothly. And it supports me in the direction I’m working towards for the future.

What particularly appeals to me is that I did not work with the umpteenth methodology, but that the information came from myself. I saw the interrelationships between what is my drive within me and what I express with Old Wisdom – New Consciousness. It belongs to me, it exudes who I am, beyond an existing concept or format.

Frederieke van der Lijn

Oude wijsheid Nieuw bewustzijn

The trajectory with Jan-Pieter has given me more insight into my company. My motives, why I do what I do and with that: how I should proceed. As a coach, Jan-Pieter is involved, patient and made enough room for my process. I mainly notice the gain in the energetic aspect: aligning and making visible everything that plays a role in the undercurrent of my company. A lot has been cleaned up energetically, so that my work now feels completely pure and clear. I know what I want to offer and to whom.”
Daphne Koenders


“Jan Pieter has brought me a lot of clarity in finding my strength and my place. Where there was chaos and ambiguity, he was able to bring overview and transformation through his energetic clairvoyance. In addition, he has an incredibly soft power that gives a lot of ground to being able to face and embrace dark parts. He brings a gentle transformation of the ego and a clarity of the soul.”
Mapije de Wit

Mapije Art

Different elements

What does the guidance consist of?

Sacred Space & Sacred Laws

By creating clarity that belongs to your mission, clarity is created about what belongs inside and outside your company. This includes defining boundaries to safeguard the company’s mission. With this you know how to guard your sacred laws during your business operations.

Vibrant and Breathing Structures

Frames are flexible and therefore durable. They move along with internal and external developments. The mystery, the indefinable is thus given space. This allows the feminine flowing element to be herself. There is room for spontaneity, sense, passion, flow and fun.

Your ‘new earth’ business

– Learn to say ‘no’ to say ‘yes’ to your blueprint
– Working through blockages, shining light on challenges
– Become familiar with using intuition on your business
– Make use of archetypes as mirrors in situations so that difficult themes are lighter to look at

What you have felt for a long time, but seemed elusive to you, is finally given a place, language and working methods.

Guidance, aftercare during implementation

– Mapping the playing field through systemic work
– The process until the birth of your sacred mission and path
– Shaping your product, service and/or company
– Ensuring concept and product, that it does not lose the connection with the signature and the dream

– Roadmap, concept and step-by-step plan:
how to put your signature in the world organically.

Mapije - Visual Artist

“I still don’t know how you do it, but you do it right.”

Jantine Coehoorn - Own your Flow

“The space holding, the presence and the enormous growth. The field you create is SO big and tangible. Thank you for that.”

Hidde Ātman Ananda Jwi Zuwun

“You help me make sense of the multi-dimensional field, how that works. It’s so powerful, it makes you understand better how you relate to yourself, people and the land.”

Be Welcome

Are you ready for the big crossing?