My desire for serving aligned creations is what I go for. I have learned by trial and error that I can only do that which is completely truthful and aligned to my being. And that is working with motivated and invested people who want to live their mission.

My specialization is in guiding people who fulfill a key role in the whole.

Do you have a unique skill that wants to form?

Do you want to bring your manifestation in to the Earth?

Do you play a key role in the collective evolution of the new era?

Do you need guidance in structuring your business or personal life?

Do you play a key role in a company or organization that is ready to open?

Are you on the frontier of something big and new and do you need guidance?

Are you a gatekeeper of a new color or energy that wants to touch down on the earth?

If you answered Yes to one or more of these questions, there is a big chance that I can be of significance for expanding, enlarging and propagating your soul mission into the physical world. Because I put my channel at the service of your manifestation, I expect you to also go 100% for your mission, and above all seize the opportunities that arise through the collaboration. A good foundation is needed for the immense transition that we activate together. That is why we agree upfront in what is possible, and what bandwidth of my channel is needed for your creation.

Because I noticed that loose sessions are not effective enough for the big work, guidance is only available at a monthly basis. That means that the entire month you have access to my field and depending on the package you can receive physical time, tools and expertise. This creates changes and opportunities in your life on a daily basis, with my energy channel as a catalyst. The entry levels determine your investment and the bandwidth to be received.

Pricing, packages and entry levels

* Services are on a monthly basis with a minimum term of 3 months, max 6 months
* Consulting has 3 entry levels. Depending on the possible bandwidth to receive
* Sessions are the contact moments in which the energy work comes together (guideline is 2 hours)
* Prices are excluding VAT. Sessions are on location or trough zoom, and are recorded
* Packages are not translated in hours, but are based on value creation (quantity of energy and results)
* Packages are guidelines and can be designed to specific needs

Are you ready for the next level, the next perhaps biggest step of your life?