Welcoming values of Aéreon Creation

These are the values ​​in which I welcome customers to the sacred space that I make available. By using these values, a container is created that makes alchemy and transformation possible.

Aéreon Creations offers services in which a sacred transition is possible. We expect both parties at all times, to be of service to the potential that they want to reveal from there, and to take responsibility for what they want to manifest. This translates into commitment, transparency, integrity where there is awareness, whereby the financial component is used to empower both, and with integrity for the benefit of the goal.

Aeréon Creations has a leading-edge business model, and is a pioneer that constantly moves into unknown territories. Because I work in very refined subconscious layers, the value that I deliver is not always immediately visible. But it has a proven effect over time. A lot of transition is already taking place in the presorting. That is why it is important for me that there is a correct exchange at every stage, so that there is a respectful and safe space and bedding for the transformation.

Below are the guidelines that we use for our processes and projects.

Financial values

  • Payment at the start of the project, and thereafter monthly by agreed day of the month based on invoice

  • If we has been decided to pay in terms, the obligation to pay remains valid for the entire project, unless otherwise agreed and agreed with all parties involved

  • Payment term is 14 days after the invoice date, stating the invoice number and month

  • There will be no refund or transfer of a session if the client fails to cancel this session within 48 hours

  • If you are late for an appointment, the time can be taken off the session timeIf the customer has not made the payment and thus his own investment several times, after a few warnings the process and the sacred space around the transition can be withdrawn and stopped. All consequences and consequences arising therefrom are not the responsibility of Aéreon Creations

Communication values

  • Business communication such as questions about; sessions, times, themes, personal topics, must be communicated via email

  • In consultation, whatsapp can be used as a communication tool within office hours, Monday to Friday between 8 and 17

  • In the evenings, weekends, public holidays and holiday times we are not responsible for emergencies (unless otherwise agreed in the cooperation)

Agreements regarding sessions and processes

  • All guidance sessions take place at pre-arranged times trough telephone, zoom, skype or live on location in Maarssen. Extra calls may be seen as a bonus

  • The length of a counseling session is a minimum of 60 minutes and a maximum of 120 minutes, and is definitively determined in the moment

  • As a client you are responsible for writing down your own insights and action points after each session, and implementing them yourself

  • As a client, I invite you to create one digital document for the reflection report.

  • Evaluation takes place orally during the process. The results of these evaluation (s) will be used to adjust the trajectory if necessary

  • Both the client and the counselor agree that the sessions can be recorded. The audio recordings may only be used by the client and supervisor, and are not provided to third parties without mutual written permission

  • At the start, the supervisor and client determine the results, values ​​and extra agreements of the working relationship


  • As a mentor, I expect the client to:


    • An active and open attitude;

    • Presence and accessibility;

    • Preparation for the sessions and dedication to the process;

    • Responsibility; You are responsible for your own growth, well-being and the achievement of your goals.


  • As a mentor, the client can expect from me:

    • Expert guidance and support;

    • Thorough preparation and completion;

    • Confidential treatment at all times;

    • Punctuality and accessibility;

    • Focus and coherence;

    • Energetically involved from a distance;

    • Personal information strictly confidential


  • Aéreon Creations has certain responsibilities that are determined beforehand, but the implementation, success, result or achievement of the goals remains the responsibility of the customer at all times

  • Aéreon Creations is involved and professionally present in energetic layers, but is not liable for psychological or physical ailments that arise during processes or projects

  • Aéreon Creations motivates and inspires, but is not liable for financial losses or miss creations that may arise from anticipated and unforeseen matters during processes and projects

  • We are not liable for any damage or failure to achieve success resulting from errors in our services and indemnify us against all claims