My primary focus is guiding people who fulfill an important task for the collective. Both in the business world and in the personal domain. My wish is that they contribute to a better world which I call the New Earth. This way we create a grid of aligned, rooted, sustainable manifestations.

All collaborations start from a state of alignment. I hold a sacred space in which we walk together through all the steps towards the full embodiment of a manifestation. Nothing remains untouched in this multidimensional guidance. We bring flow to themes and areas of life where the energy is stuck.

In my experience there is a world of energy that I call the dream sphere. From here all manifestations for our physical world arise. By investigating and directing this, deep subconscious patterns come into the light to be transformed and you will get mastery and control over your creations.

I am a channel and translator for your divine blueprint that you have brought to the Earth from the higher light world. By restructuring your business, we design a vehicle for your being to land and express in this physical reality. In co-operation with oneness, we shape your life.

The support that I offer is aligned and reliable. And is beyond this time, space, world and dimension. We attune to your deep desire, your soul mission, bring it in line with the higher plan so that it can be re-connected to the magical web of life, that runs through all of us.

Effect of the Services

Living your unique color and signature of your being in the world!

Creating a vehicle for your being to move through the matter!

Anchoring and activating your unique divine blueprint!

Shaping your life in all aspects as a true artist!

Expanding to the next level with your business

Developing customized structures, products and services

Deep transformation in a variety of themes and areas of life

Attract new customers, income and unprecedented opportunities

Increasing capacity, senses, energetic fields and awareness

Integrate higher bodies and multidimensional awareness

Cleaning up your sacred space to create peace and space

Travel into family-lines to re-discover the ancestral-mission

Clarity of life path, soul mission, cosmic structures and undercurrents

Deep balance in your intimate relationship, work and family, mission and pleasure

There is a big shift going on. First, I identified myself mainly with the shaman and healer. Because of the many wounds that where emerging. This became my primal focus and business model. But more and more I discover my true quality, my signature, my niche …

My being originates from the layer just before creation, a field that I call the blueprint. From here I have influenced creations at many moments in human history. Not all constructive, but in this way I learned a lot about constructing blueprints. Now that I slowly allow this power to full potential again, I have chosen to do this only in full alignment with the source.

You could say that as an architect of blueprints I am connected with many creations. Every creation is connected to the web that flows through us all. That is why I only say yes, if a creation wants to land trough someone for a higher purpose, and that person is willing to go 100% for it. When I go on, I put myself fully in service of that creation.

Before I guide people in the actual manifestation, al lot of deep healing pre-work is needed. Trauma pieces regarding creations, wounds in the women’s and men’s line, galactic karma. Everything that has in some way influence on the creation is being touched and healed. In this way al distortions are being aligned. This creates a stable ground for a creation.

Everyone has a connection with the source, and from there a constant flow of encodings and geometric patterns come to you. But not everyone can clearly observe and shape them. That’s where my quality lies. I become a translator for the mission of your being, and help these convert in language and form, to connect your sacred blueprint to this world.

I support by creating order and holding a sacred space for your personal life and business. Then we create tailor-made branding, work structures, revenue models, pricing tables, work forms, etc. Energetic blueprints that translate your mission to your audience.

Because the guidance is intense and deeply transformative, I can only work with a view people at the same time, in different stages of their landing- and creating process. I also make space for a few clients in the early stages of this process, in addition to customers in advanced stage of manifesting their legacy.

Mail me for a discovery session to see if their is a match. The support and guidance is on monthly basis with a minimum of 3 months to guarantee desired results.

The invisible architect